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Gizmodo’s Zuck-laptop headline vs. every other

In the last 24 hours or so every tech- and Zuck-following blogger worth his pallid complexion has written a version of the “Mark Zuckerberg tapes over his laptop camera and mic” story. Chris Olson first spotted the ‘news’ in a picture on Twitter. Most did plain ol’ straight covers of the post with plain ol’ straight-ish […]

Mumbai: City of ‘dins’

A honking, twanging, whistling firecracker of a city is a fine way to describe Mumbai. But while the city’s daily cacophonies may appear beyond method, the acoustical madness is not totally without form. Here’s my auditory guide to India’s City of Sound, researched during my stint as a managing editor in a small publishing company […]

Why Russell Brand should not be believed

Russell Brand has turned sloppy estuary English into an art form. Under his supervision, dropping Ts and abbreviating – sorry, perhaps that should be “abbrevia’ing” – ideas have become a new medium in which today’s cosmo-hipster-naughtie generation communica’es. I’s no longer any good to simply revolt – we must “revol’.” And similarly it’s no longer […]

Jesus’ face seen in SF crash site

I felt the same as everyone I guess, about the Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco recently – shocked, upset, relieved there weren’t more casualties. Not that that’s any consolation to the families of the three teenage girls who died. But having seen the reports and examined the pictures, I have also found startling evidence […]

Why you shouldn’t think about jokes

Seth McFarlane may be a sexist, racist, ****ist whatever, but here’s an observation I have about comedy: Too many people laugh at the jokes, then go home, think about it, and decide they were offended. That suggests the joke isn’t the problem, the analysis is. I say comedy is contained in the moment; if you […]

White man survives Chinese New Year. But only just

Two 15-hour train rides; baijiu slams; wrecking Michael Jackson on karaoke; some more baijiu slams; more food than some cities eat in a week; more baijiu slams. That about sums up my three days in Jiujiang, a city in China, home to my Chinese girlfriend and host to me during Chinese New Year. I had […]

There is a new “world’s cutest thing” and it lives in Hong Kong

There is a new “cutest thing in the world.” Laughing babies in the tub, you had your time. Charlie of “Charlie bit me” fame, you’ve been usurped. Cats playing with iPads, you’re so 2010. The cutest thing in the world from now on and forever, is and must be, Chinese grandmas. There is no cuter […]

The one thing I don’t understand about the American gun push

I understand that guns, in large part, created modern America. I understand that an armed citizenry was a fundamental aspect of American independence. I understand that an armed citizenry is a final defense against an oppressive State. I understand that if there is even a 1 percent chance of your kids or wife being accosted […]

Saturday: So much better than Sunday

Sunday – day of rest, day of barbecues, day off work, day of sloth. We have long been conditioned in the West to relish Sunday as a day free from the stresses and headaches and meetings and politics of the usual Monday-Friday grind. Sunday is a lot like a special offer on beers – buy […]

Christmas in Hong Kong: A time of peace. Finally

I went away for Christmas, as is my custom. I pumped a good portion of CO2 into the air on a nine-hour flight, consumed marginally excessive amounts of chocolate and spent significantly excessive amounts of money on gifts. But in some ways I wish I had stayed home, in Hong Kong, because Hong Kong is […]

25 reasons Hong Kong is the best city in the world

Is one city really worthy of being called the best in the world? Hell yeah. My city. OK my adopted city. But that only makes it more real. There’s no patriotism here, no nationalism, no “Yeehaaargh YOO ESS AYY! YOO ESS AYY!” idiocy of American proportions. This is pure and simple fact. 25 of them. […]

Dubai plans monstrous, five-star replica of Taj Mahal

The Gulf city is to take one of the world’s most beautiful things and turn it into a hotel. The world’s most famous monument to love — the Taj Mahal — is to be copied, or perhaps corrupted, certainly not replicated, as a giant symbol of Gulf ostentation in Dubai. At “three to four times” […]

Hong Kong’s 6 most annoying habits

I mean seriously, great town and all, but can you just. Please. Stop. Doing. This. Annoying. Shit. 1. Taxi drivers refuse to yield The great Toyota Crown, a taxi for taxi lovers everywhere, big, noticeably red, clean, smooth rides. No fiddling with the meter in this city, no sir. You want to go over the […]

5 weird things people do on planes

Why do air travelers feel compelled to order tomato juice? What’s so comforting about airplane washrooms? The peculiar habits of fliers revealed here. Full story

Introducing the Vacation Nazi

Nothing wrong with a holiday plan, but do you have to beat me over the head with it? Full story, click here 

OMG the gays are coming!!

Holy shiiiiit! Lock your doors, bolt the windows, keep your kids in the cellar and men – plug your butts up with straw and cork. The gays are coming! The gays are fuckin’ coming and they’re horny! They’re like a marauding horde of skinny-jean-clad butt fuckers coming over the hill; they’ve got their lube in […]

Is China cheating?

Barely three days into the Olympic Games and China has already been accused of cheating. Ye Shiwen took gold in the 400-meter individual medley, smashing the world record and swimming faster than American Ryan Lochte in the last 50 meters of the race – he won the men’s version of the same race. BBC commentator […]

Hong Kong apartment

Yes Hong Kong’s apartments are small. So friggin’ what?

Hong Kong – city of neon lights, dim sum, ebullient Filipinos, texting and walking, cheap taxis and – most importantly – tiny, cramped, shoe-box-like apartments. That’s the impression I would have if I listened seriously to the complaints emanating from the beery mouths of anyone ‘condemned’ to living in this fantastic, has-it-all city. Never mind […]

Aurora assassin – one bullet shy of oblivion

We’ll likely never know what convinces freaks like James Holmes to walk into a movie theater and murder innocent people. We’ll likely never know what he was thinking yesterday, as he sat wild-eyed and dazed, having had days and nights to consider his actions, in the courtroom to hear the charges against him. We’ll likely never know […]

starbucks coffee

Hey, coffee snobs. It’s only coffee. Get over it

I drink coffee. I drink it to wake up in the morning. I drink it because I like the taste. I drink it because it has become part of my routine: Get to office … turn on computer … wait 43 minutes and 30 seconds for the thing to blink into life … decide now […]

Asian girls

Hong Kong is fueled by drugs, sex, and debauchery … until you get here

When I arrived in Hong Kong nearly three years ago, I touched down expecting a new life to unfold before me. One of depravity, decadence and unfettered hedonistic debauchery. I had visions of naked women lined up on bar tops, their torsos sprinkled with cocaine, begging me to dispossess them of their last vestiges of […]