Aurora assassin – one bullet shy of oblivion

We’ll likely never know what convinces freaks like James Holmes to walk into a movie theater and murder innocent people.

We’ll likely never know what he was thinking yesterday, as he sat wild-eyed and dazed, having had days and nights to consider his actions, in the courtroom to hear the charges against him.

We’ll likely never know why he didn’t discharge one final bullet into his own head, as often happens in these senseless, though often well planned executions.

We’ll never know the final thoughts of his 12 victims either, nor of the things they could have achieved in a future that was robbed of them.

But one thing we do know is that killing Holmes for killing others is a hypocrisy that needs to be eradicated.

It’s easy to become infuriated in the emotional days just proceeding an evil episode like this. And if there is ever a crime that could warrant a death penalty, it would be one such as this.

What the survivors in that theater witnessed, and what the world has heard about, is in every sense an act of pure, unadulterated evil, as unfathomable and as haunting as it’s possible to imagine.

But justice is the servant of morality.

Our moral code, while differing slightly depending on the culture, is shared by most of humanity, and acts as the bedrock on which we can build our law courts.

And if our moral code directs us not to murder, not to take another’s life, then it is the ultimate hypocrisy to punish felons with exactly that crime.

Consider that morality can be measured.

Consider that there is a bowl of water, from which a tap extends and over which a pipe hangs. Every time something immoral occurs a droplets falls from the tap, and every time something moral happens a droplet falls into the bowl from the pipe.

It should be self evident that 12 droplets fell from the tap that night of July 20.

I argue it is also self evident that if Holmes is himself killed, another droplet will fall from the bowl, not into it.

Killing is wrong. If we murder our murderers, we only end up depleting the ‘morality bowl’ further.

No matter how much I wish the maniac had sent a bullet through his own skull, I have no right to take his life myself, and nor does anyone else.


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