Dubai plans monstrous, five-star replica of Taj Mahal

ImageThe Gulf city is to take one of the world’s most beautiful things and turn it into a hotel.

The world’s most famous monument to love — the Taj Mahal — is to be copied, or perhaps corrupted, certainly not replicated, as a giant symbol of Gulf ostentation in Dubai.

At “three to four times” the size of the original in Agra, India, what has been dubbed the “Taj Arabia” will function as a five-star hotel rather than an emperor’s heartfelt expression of love to his deceased wife, with 300 rooms and serviced apartments in adjacent buildings.

The US$1 billion project slated to complete in 2014 “will be ideal for wedding guests,” Arun Mehra, chairman of the Link Global Group, sub-developers of the project, managed to convince “We want to create an atmosphere which bonds family members.”

The monstrosity will be part of the massive 400-hectare Falconcity of Wonders Project, a residential, tourism and recreation destination that claims to be “the most astonishing place on earth” and will also include a replica Eiffel Tower, Great Pyramid, Tower of Pisa, leaning, one would assume, perhaps even more than the original, Great Wall and the entire “Town of Venice.”

In a straw poll of Indian colleagues, two out of two, that’s 100 percent, did not actually vomit once they heard the news.

“Why not get married there? A Bollywood-style wedding destination is better than a hotel ballroom,” said Sita Wadhwani, digital editor for Vogue India.

Another said, “I would never go, but anyone looking to get married in a grand (though cheesy) location will definitely jump on it I think.”

Indian magnanimity aside, some Bollywood film producers have reportedly already expressed interest in filming at the location.

Why use the small, old, slightly faded version when there’s a brand new shiny hulking upgrade available, right?


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