25 reasons Hong Kong is the best city in the world

And this isn’t even it’s best side.

Is one city really worthy of being called the best in the world? Hell yeah. My city. OK my adopted city.
But that only makes it more real.
There’s no patriotism here, no nationalism, no “Yeehaaargh YOO ESS AYY! YOO ESS AYY!” idiocy of American proportions.
This is pure and simple fact. 25 of them.
I’d be interested to know if you agree, or have more to add.

1. The taxis are cheap, reliable, and everywhere
2. The nightlife can be sordid, or classy, or chic, or grounded, or cheap, or “fuck it I’m gonna die anyway let’s spend a couple thou on one bottle of booze” expensive
3. The Hong Kong Island skyline matches pretty much any visual nature can throw your way
4. World’s best (and highest?) rooftop bars
5. The beaches are decent and damn easy to get to
6. Countryside, peace and good treks are just a ferry ride away
7. Dim sum
8. Ocean Park
9. 15% tax rate
10. The little old ladies selling bananas on street corners
11. Art galleries that provide free wine just for turning up
12. Nowhere is further than an hour from where you are now
13. Great access to Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand etc. Traveler’s heaven
14. The MTR – a theater of limbs, Gucci handbags, bewildered Mainlanders and snobbish HKers
15. Dai pai dang – street food made awesome
16. Egg tarts
17. Everything’s so fucking well maintained and efficient
18. 15 years after handover and it’s still not China
19. Lamma Island
20. TukTuk restaurant – great Thai food in a wicked cozy venue
21. The VIP cinema in Elements
22. Bumping into friends on the street
23. Typhoons
24. How the Fitness First sales girls precede their customer service surveys with “You so handsome!” and a giggle
25. Every day is exciting


Come on, I know I talk shit. Put me right. Leave a reply.

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