Christmas in Hong Kong: A time of peace. Finally

Peace at last.

Peace at last.

I went away for Christmas, as is my custom. I pumped a good portion of CO2 into the air on a nine-hour flight, consumed marginally excessive amounts of chocolate and spent significantly excessive amounts of money on gifts.

But in some ways I wish I had stayed home, in Hong Kong, because Hong Kong is at its finest during festive periods – ie when everyone leaves.

Causeway Bay, a place I would put alongside Dante’s seventh level of Hell, actually becomes pleasant to walk around. The streets empty of taxis hooting and tooting. The bars become relaxed places to linger and enjoy a drink, rather than places for British and Australian idiots to emphasize how idiotic they are.

I have always said there are only two things about Hong Kong I would change – I would get rid of half of the people and all of the pollution. During Christmas, there’s one fewer things to get grumpy about.


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