Why you shouldn’t think about jokes


Seth McFarlane may be a sexist, racist, ****ist whatever, but here’s an observation I have about comedy:

Too many people laugh at the jokes, then go home, think about it, and decide they were offended. That suggests the joke isn’t the problem, the analysis is.

I say comedy is contained in the moment; if you laughed at the time, the joke was good.

Feeling offended later corrupts the entire process. Comedy is not designed to be considered or evaluated. It’s a momentary, ephemeral connection, between comedian, audience and subject.

So yeh, you may have hated McFarlane’s Oscar performance in hindsight, you may be swayed by the newspaper critics who need to come up with an opinion quickly, but probably, if you’re not a total curmudgeon, you laughed, you tittered, you guffawed at his gags while they were happening – and that’s the important time.


Come on, I know I talk shit. Put me right. Leave a reply.

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