Jesus’ face seen in SF crash site

I felt the same as everyone I guess, about the Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco recently – shocked, upset, relieved there weren’t more casualties. Not that that’s any consolation to the families of the three teenage girls who died.

But having seen the reports and examined the pictures, I have also found startling evidence of another kind.

I present it here, for you to look over yourself and draw your own conclusions.

At the bottom of this post I present my own conclusion, drawn from many hours of looking at this image and other images of the crash site, and of research into other examples of this kind of phenomena.

People will say what they will.

I think the proof here is unquestionable. Please look for yourself, then read my conclusion at the bottom.


The picture below is a bird’s-eye image of the crash site taken by Getty Images photographer Ezra Shaw on July 6, 2013.

Clearly visible are the area of initial impact, the debris from the fuselage and the path and termination point of the plane during and after its slide along the runway.

But take a bit more time, look a bit closer, and there can be no doubt that there are many other interesting things in this photo.


1. The face of Jesus

Yes, it sounds fanciful, maybe even crazy, but I think once you look at the picture below you have to agree. The face of Jesus is clearly apparent in this picture. Did all the prayers being uttered at the moment of the crisis bring forth Jesus to this scene?

Was he there to help the plane as it careened out of control across the tarmacadam? Who knows. But he was there. Look for yourself:

jesus face asiana

2. The face of Shrek

This may sound like an even crazier assertion, but I maintain that one can also see the face of the Dreamworks, animated troll, Shrek.

Shrek was one of the movies available on flight 214 – perhaps in some Twilight-Zone-esque manifesting of imagination, dozens of people, especially dozens of kids, were all thinking of Shrek at the moment of impact.

We all know how powerful kids’ imaginations can be – perhaps all the power of their thoughts in this life-or-death situation, the emotional rush that occurred, the adrenalin and the terror, conjured the visage that was most prominent in their memories at the time, and laid it down into the soil.

shrek face asiana

3. The face of Snowy, Tintin’s dog

Even more fantastical, but the face of Tintin’s fox terrier, Snowy, can also be seen. I can only speculate again on why this might have occurred, but perhaps, like the reasoning for Shrek’s appearance, the power of thought, accompanied by the highly emotional and adrenalin-fueled situation, forced the objects of people’s imaginations to manifest themselves in the real world.

snowy face asiana

4. Various other faces

I cannot identify them, but there are clearly numerous other faces embedded into the ground at the site of the crash of Asiana Airlines flight 214.

Perhaps these are the faces of loved ones of the passengers, those their thoughts turned to in the moment of crisis, and the power of their imaginations and the emotional trauma they went through, in so short a space of time, forced those inner imaginings into the real world.

See these other faces here:

unknown 123 asiana


Clearly this not a coincidence. This is not false. This is a real picture, not manipulated in any way other than to highlight the faces with red circles, taken by a professional photographer on the day of the crash.

The faces are clearly visible, and there is one absolute, indisputable, unmitigated conclusion one has to draw from the presence of these phenomena:


Thank you.

jesus, shrek, snowy



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